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Colleton County is situated in the southeastern portion of the State of South Carolina and touches on the Atlantic Ocean at its southeastern tip. The fifth largest county in South Carolina, Colleton is bordered by Bamberg, Beaufort, Charleston, Dorchester and Hampton counties.

The traditional, time-honored rural lifestyle and beauty of the land remain, blending in harmony with the new dimension of progress.

With its bountiful resources and hard-working people, embraced in a traditional way-of-life, Colleton County is prepared to take its place as a part of the progressive new South.

One of the major factors contributing to Walterboro's growth and development is the close proximity to the cities of Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA, which provided the planters with easy access to world trade markets. This excellent location serves Walterboro equally well today.

Colleton County is situated in the southeastern portion of South Carolina, known as the Lowcountry Region. It touches the Atlantic Ocean at Edisto Beach and contains a large portion of the world renowned wildlife and natural marshlands where the Edisto, Ashepoo and Combahee Rivers commune to form the St. Helena Sound and the ACE Basin.

Situated in the southeastern portion of the state, Walterboro is a major stop on Interstate 95, the most important north-south corridor for the eastern United States. Interstate 26, which connects Charleston and Asheville, NC, is only 32 miles away, and these two interstate highways allow convenient access to the entire Southeast.

Containing 1,057 square miles and many historic southern plantations, it is the 5th largest county area-wise in the state.


The Colleton Regional Hospital, a 142-bed facility, is located in Walterboro. Dentists, physicians, and a variety of medical specialists practice in Walterboro, including family practitioners, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, urologists, orthopedic surgeons, oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatricians, obstetricians, gynecologists and dermatologists. In addition, the Veterans Hospital and the Medical University Hospital, located in nearby Charleston, offer the most advanced medical treatment in the country.

The city's current residents share this deep-seated respect for the value of education and have recently passed an $8 million bond referendum for a new high school. Walterboro's youth have ample opportunity to increase their level of education as there are six major colleges within 50 miles offering four-year and graduate degrees.

The climate of the area lacks the oppressive heat and humidity of the seacoast, as evidenced by the colonial planter's use of Walterboro as a summer retreat. Also the Southeast has no real winter and this combination provides an ideal environment.

The people of Walterboro enjoy all outdoor sports and activities for 12 months of the year.

Twenty major industries are now located in the county. One industrial park with 350 acres is ready for development, served by water, sewer and natural gas. The county has an unemployment rate of 3% and an estimated 15,094 Civilian workers.

The Walterboro Airport, with its modern terminal, accommodates almost any size aircraft and offers both passenger and freight charter service.

Twenty-five percent of the county's land area is conducive to agriculture. Predominant crops are soybeans, corn, tobacco & livestock. Mineral resources include peat and sand. Forest resources cover approximately 72 percent of the county.

Lush forests cover a large portion of Colleton County. Predominant among the abundant varieties are sprawling oaks, majestic pines, hearty cedars and cypress. Edisto Beach, which is located along the warm Atlantic, provides a compatible contrast of terrain and offers sun and surf, recreation and seafood in a relaxed atmosphere.

Located in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, the 350,000 acre Ashepoo, Combahee and Edisto (ACE) Basin is one of the largest remaining undeveloped wetland ecosystems along the Atlantic Coast. The basin's 91,000 acres of salt, brackish and freshwater marshes, 26,000 acres of estuarine impoundments, more than 50,000 acres of bottomland hardwood forests and outstanding assemblages of coastal natural communities provide critical habitat for estuarine fisheries, migratory birds including waterfowl, shorebirds and songbirds and eight rare or endangered animals. Although hunting and fishing are the most popular leisure activities in Colleton County; tennis, camping, swimming, boating, organized sports and parks are readily available to meet the interests of all.

A popular stop-over for interstate travelers is Colleton State Park located just five minutes from Interstate 95. Boaters, campers and fishermen all enjoy the peaceful and relaxing waters of the Edisto River. The annual Edisto Riverfest, held at the Colleton State Park, is designed around activities to familiarize visitors with the river. The mild climate and outstanding natural resources enable residents and visitors of Colleton County to enjoy outdoor sports throughout the year.